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We are pleased to welcome you to our site! If your new to scouting, then please take a moment to explore our site and what we can offer to your child. If there are any concerns or further questions then please dont hesitate to ask! We have an open door policy and welcome suggestions and comments!

If you are looking to join our scouting family please take a moment to see if you can better help us by volunteering to become apart of our commitee! We even have openings for Den Leaders and Assistants! Remember, your son is worth more than just an hour a week... he is worth the world and here we promote healthy family interaction, respect, and manners.

We are here to try our hardest to give your child those important life lessons they wont get at school. We also try to be flexible to your child by trying to work around sports schedules and other out of school activites.

Unfortunatly we can not guide your child 24/7 so a big part comes from you the parent. Without your guidance at home and support of scouting by coming to meetings and events we hold we can not give your child the full benifits of sthe scouting program, so remember BE AN ACTIVE SCOUT PARENT! This program is not just for your child... its for your whole family!

-Pack 23

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