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AFTER a Bear Cub Scout earns his Bear Badge he may begin earning Arrow Points in the Electives section of his book.

He may work on his "Arrow Point Trail" at any time, however he cannot receive Arrow Points until AFTER he has earned the Bear Badge.

There is a big difference in the achievements for arrow points for Bear. In this rank the Cub Scout can go back and do requirements from the ACHIEVEMENTS section of the book and use them as requirements for arrow points, as long as they do not count any requirements from achievements that they used to earn the Bear Badge.

 Unused parts of achievements that were used for the Bear badge may NOT be counted toward Arrow Points.

The Achievement requirements and the Elective requirements can be freely mixed to count toward earning arrow points. In the following descriptions, we will use the term "arrow point activities" to refer to either type of requirement.

GOLD ARROW POINT:For the FIRST 10 arrow point activities completed in his book, the Bear Cub earns his GOLD ARROW POINT.
SILVER ARROW POINTS:For EACH 10 arrow point activities completed (AFTER HE EARNS THE GOLD ARROW POINT) the Bear Cub earns a SILVER ARROW POINT.
As a BEAR Cub Scout, a boy may earn any number of SILVER ARROW POINTS, but he may only earn ONE GOLD ARROW POINT for the first 10 arrow point activities that he completes.

The following is a list of the ELECTIVES for arrow points:

SPACE (Page 182)

WEATHER (Page 184) 
This elective is also part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award.

RADIO (Page 190)


BOATS (Page 196)

AIRCRAFT (Page 202)



ART (Page 214)

MASKS (Page 218)


  1. Practice holding a camera still in one position. Learn to push the shutter button without moving the camera. Do this without film in the camera until you have learned how. Look through the viewfinder and see what your picture will look like. Make sure that everything you want in your picture is in the frame of your viewfinder.
  2. Take five pictures of the same subject in different kinds of light.
    • Subject in direct sun with direct light.
    • Subject in direct sun with side light.
    • Subject in direct sun with back light.
    • Subject in shade on a sunny day.
    • Subject on a cloudy day.
  3. Put your pictures to use.
    • Mount a picture on cardboard for display.
    • Mount on cardboard and give it to a friend.
    • Make three pictures that show how something happened (tell a story) and write a one sentence explanation for each.
  4. Take a picture in your house.
    • With available light.
    • Using a flash attachment or photoflood (bright light)

This elective is also part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award.

MAGIC (Page 230)


This elective is also part of the Cub Scout World Conservation Award.


REPAIRS (Page 246)

    BACKYARD GYM (Page 250)

    1. Build and use an outdoor gym with at least three items from this list.
      • Balance board
      • Trapeze
      • Tire walk
      • Tire swing
      • Tetherball
      • Climbing rope
      • Running long jump area.
    2. Build three outdoor toss games.
    3. Plan an outdoor game or gym day with your den. (This can be part of a pack activity). Put your plans on paper.
    4. Hold an open house for your backyard gym.

    SWIMMING (Page 254)
    There is something about this elective that is different from any other. That is this rule: whenever you are working on the Swimming elective, you must have an adult with you who can swim.

    1. Jump feetfirst into water over your head, swim 25 feet on the surface, stop, turn sharply, and swim back.
    2. Swim on your back, the elementary backstroke, for 30 feet.
    3. Rest by floating on your back, using as little motion as possible for at least one minute.
    4. Tell what is meant by the buddy system. Know the basic rules of safe swimming
    5. Do a racing dive from edge of pool and swim 60 feet, using a racing stroke. (You might need to make a turn.)

    SPORTS (Page 260)

    SALES (Page 266)


    MAPS (Page 270)


    LET'S GO CAMPING  (Page 276)